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Kestenan Kahnazerim

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Ups and downs [Oct. 4th, 2007|04:56 pm]
Kestenan Kahnazerim
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Well, Ups and downs... Design; Technology and procedure, one of my favorite classes. With five years of experience, I know the construction industry pretty well, and not only that, I've been trained, at work, to always strive for top quality results and never produce anything less. And wow, I didnt half feel superior to the other part-timers in the class (those who work full time and attend uni part time, and as such I'd expect them to be as good as me, but they're not).

Anyways, Claire, our lecturer had put 'police' in her list of people in the design team, but could not recall why, so I told her and the class why. The police run a scheme called 'Secure by design' Where thy give advice on design schemes to 'design out crime' Ie, making sure public places are well lit at night, removing little back allys where people can hide or dump rubbish. If you get a scheme approved by secure by design, then its an extra feather in your cap, gives you and the property more prestege gives the property more value and lower insurance premiums.

This othe guy, who seems considers himself good at his job went on to say 'never heard of that, what right do the po-lice have to influence your design'
So we had a little exchange in the middle of the class, and in the end, he looked amaturish and I looked like the god of urban desingers (Ok, I probably sound arrogant as hell saying that.) But in the end, he said 'why would you build on a site like that?' and I said he must have such an easy job, getting all the boring, straight forward consgtruction sites. Maybe thats why noone had heard of his company.

By this point, the full time students where dropping their pens and uniformly giving the impression that this was way past them and they where not interested.

Then came economics, rather boring, and now I go to airconditioning, not quite, but almost as boring.
Almost as boring as it probably was for you reading this post!

[User Picture]From: shereth
2007-10-04 04:18 pm (UTC)
Next time you need to demonstrate your godly abilities, it may be appropriate to demand offerings of gold or the like. Oblation is, after all, pretty customary when dealing with Dieties of any sort.

I know what you mean about the part-time versus full-time thing. Sometimes it baffles me that the full time students seem to not really care what is going on, not taking the course very seriously at all. I, on the other hand, am busily trying to earn top marks in my courses, won't that look good in a few years ..
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[User Picture]From: sharadin
2007-10-11 12:19 pm (UTC)
I think it's more that they've never been in the real world, things go over their heads. If it's too complicated to understand, it's often people give up.

I've seen both side over the past three years, full time and part time. Not having experience to understand is why i gave up full time and went part time. *shrugs*.
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