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I's gotta Kilt! - Grey Skys [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kestenan Kahnazerim

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I's gotta Kilt! [Oct. 29th, 2007|07:04 pm]
Kestenan Kahnazerim
[mood |happyhappy]

Shara and I went to Edinburgh today, it was a nice trip. We went to day to avoid all the toursists that you usualy get at the weekends. We spent most of our time on the royal mile looking at the toursity shops, the tartan factory, eating scones.
After that, we found a shop that was selling 8 yard kilts for a great price, and after a bit of perswuasion, Shara convinced me that I should let her buy it for me.

Its the Irish national tartan, as my family's tartan is near impossable to get, but it looks good, its the same tartan as I'll be wearing for the wedding, so I'm glad I've got it!

Just need a sporren now and nice belt (and a black ghillie shirt, cause shara think's I'd look hot in that outfit.)

[User Picture]From: jencen
2007-10-29 10:16 pm (UTC)
Well kilts are just damn nice outfits anyway *grin*

was thinking of getting my family tartan at some point. what kinda price range if you don't mind me asking?

and still can't get over how muh fabric is in a standard kilt.
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[User Picture]From: kestenan
2007-10-30 08:32 am (UTC)
Well, this kilt isnt wool, but its thick and its a full 8 yard kilt, and that cost £40 (but this was discounted, I assume as the summer season is over now.) With these kilts, the tartans you can get are usualy more limited.

A full 8 yard wool kilt starts at around £200, but you can get 5 yard ones for around £150. I'd highly recommend 8 yard, though, they look so much better.
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